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About Melitopol


Melitopol is located in Zaporizhzhia Oblast in south eastern Ukraine.
There has been a settlement in Melitopol since  medieval times. The city itself was founded in 1784. It was an important battle front in the Second World War.
Melitopol is  in a strategically significant location as it is situated at the crossing of two major highways (Vienna to Rostov-on -Don and  Kirkenes to  Yalta) and on  the  Molochna  River,  as  well  as  having  an  important  rail  line. In summer time road traffic in the city reaches the level of 45 000 vehicles per day, heading to the coasts of  the Azov and the Black seas.

An industrial sector developed in the twentieth century, facilitated by the building of the railway.

It is known both as «the gateway to the Crimea» and «the city garden», being famous for its agricultural produce, especially cherries.


The town  is unofficially  divided  into  14  micro-districts,  which have  developed
over  time  throughout  the city’s history.  These districts are used today as the basis for the city authorities to provide services to citizens.

GDP has steadily risen in Melitopol from 836.39 EUR per
capita in 2017, 881.83 EUR per capita in 2018, to an expected level of 1130.13 EUR in 2019

According to Melitopol Development Strategy the mission of the city is «Melitopol is a developing region attractive for investors with modern jobs and comfortable living conditions».


Melitopol is called the city of


There are located several large and about 100 small and medium enterprises of mechanical engineering,which are the basis for the production of electronic components for the automotive, road-building

and agricultural machinery.


10% of the city population are students


Melitopol selectionists created 40 varietiesof cherries.

There are a lot of beekeepers around the city.


In 2008, Melitopol became the firstUkrainian city-member of the Council of Europe. Program «Intercultural cities». Representatives

of about 100 nationalities peacefully coexist here for centuries


History of the city

The city name has Greek roots: melitos means honey.
Due to the construction of the railway in 1874 our city got the development impulse.

From the beginning  of its existence and for a long time Melitopol was the centre of Tauride province county, then the center of Melitopol district. It has a large number of architecture dating back to XIX - early XX centuries.

Melitopol turned into a major industrial center of Zaporizhzhia region in the twentieth century from a small provincial town with a population of about 15 thousand people. In 1950, the city had 47 large industrial enterprises.


Melіtopol is one of scientific and industrial centers of region. Due to the historical heritage, economic and geographical position and entrepreneurial residents in the city there are developed machinery, light and food industries.
The food industry has been developed due to the location next to the developed agricultural areas of Zaporizhzhia and Kherson regions. Most of their production is exported/
On the territory of Melitopol there are several large and about 100 small and medium enterprises of mechanical engineering, which are the basis for the production of electronic components for the automotive, road-building and agricultural machinery, where about 20 000 products are done.


The main directions of production are:  assemblies, components and parts for the automotive and agricultural machinery; special equipment for industrial use; equipment for the needs of agriculture and the food industry etc.

Food industry in Melitopol was developed due to its proximity to developed agricultural areas of Zaporizhzhia and Kherson regions. Main areas: meat processing; dairy products;  fat and oil products; bread and bakery products,fruits and berries.

«Melitopol Cherry» Corporate Group – is a group of dynamically developing agricultural enterprises, which are specialized in the cultivation of fruit, cereals, oilseeds and industrial crops.

Light industry is represented by enterprises of sewing and knitting

  Educational Center
There are 2 state universities (pedagogical and agrotechnological), 4 branches of Ukrainian universities, 7 professional lyceums, 3 colleges in the city.
The system of education in the city of Melitopol consists of 23 secondary schools and 26 pre-school educational institutions.
There are two out-of-school institutions: a center for out-of-school educatione and  a Palace for children and youth creativity.
Among the teachers of the city schools there are the winners of the national Teacher of the Year Contest and participants of many international projects.
Melitopol is the only city in Ukraine, where the intercultural festival of pre-school educational institutions «The Circle of Friends» takes place.


In 2008, Melitopol became the first  Ukrainian city-member of the Council of Europe Program «Intercultural cities» and has a proud title «Intercultural Source of Ukraine». For centuries representatives of about 100 nationalities   peacefully coexist here.

The city has a Plan of intercultural integration and the  interculturalism has been included as an important area in the city’s s trategy to 2030.

Every spring in Melitopol there is a citywide celebration of Easter in Intercultural City. The event is organized by the Association  of national-cultural societies of  Melitopol.

Representatives of many ethnic communities in national costumes one by one tell their guests about traditions and legends, then treating to their national dishes.



Since June 2011, there is a festival in honor to the famous sweet cherry, called «Chereshnevo». The costume parade of citizens of all ages pass along the central streets, a special prize is taken by a citizen with  the most original accessory associated with the cherry. In the city Gorky park «sweet» workshops, handicraft fairs, where everyone can try freshly made cherry jam right in the park are annually performed. Local companies provide free distribution not only of jam, but also of some other desserts.

Тhe Birthday of Melitopol is celebrated on the last Sunday of September. Public festivities continue for two days and are accompanied by performances of dancing or singing  of local teams.
There is  a great exhibition event of local industrial enterprises, universities and agricultural fairs in the city centre.


Sport City
Melitopol has always been and remains one of the best sport cities in Zaporizhzhia region and even in Ukraine where more than 30 kinds of sport are cultivated and developed.
All kinds of physical culture and sport in the city are systematically occupied with 22,9 thousand of people - residents of different ages, occupation and social classes. There are about 7.5 thousand of people in the sport sections of the city. About 15.4 thousand people visit sections of sport orientation.
Every year the city holds more than 100 sporting events, including open invitation athletes from other cities or countries.

Famous events include open handball, gymnastics, chess and checkers tournaments. Here is a unique Chess School, in 2020 the first municipal swimming pool was opened, the Ice Arena is under construction.

Photo: Public Utility «Watersports Complex» of Melitopol City Council in Zaporizhzhia region


Nature & Natural resources

Numerous green spaces are the lungs of Melitopol. Among them there is a piece of landscape art of national importance «Gorky Park» which became one of eight parks in Ukraine that were awarded the honorary award «Golden Tree».

In the park of the Irrigation Horticulture Station, where more than 30 species of fruit trees grow, the residents and visitors can experience a beautiful view of hundreds of flowering trees.

The city is situated on the river Molochna, which flows into the Molochniі Estuary. Once the river was the only source of water supply for Melitopol, but now the water comes from 36 artesian wells.
Geographical location of the city in the south east of Ukraine gives it a favourable proximity to agricultural fields as well as low labour costs from a large population from Zaporozhzhia, Kherson, Nikolaiv, Dnipro. Melitopol has a strong advantage in this respect.

Zaporizhzhia region is one of the largest producers of agricultural and food products among the regions of Ukraine.


Twinning and partnership Melitopol

For the first time, the contract on twinning with Brive-la-Gallarde (France) was signed in 1967, but lost its power with the collapse of the USSR. In August 2012, a new agreement was signed between the municipalities.

An agreement on cooperation between Melitopol and Pukhavichy District (Belarus) was signed  in 2011.

In 2012, a friendship agreement was signed between the city of Melitopol and the Kedainiai district (Lithuania).

An agreement between the Borisov District (Belarus) and Melitopol was signed in 2012. Borisov District is an administrative unit in the north-east of Minsk region.
The friendship agreement between Sliven (Bulgaria) and Melitopol was signed on July 1, 2012. Sliven and  Melitopol have the squares named cities (photo).

The twinning agreement between Gori Municipality  and the Executive Committee of the Melitopol City Council was signed in  2017.

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